Ethiopia, for ages now, has been known for its recurrent devastating droughts, continuous hostile atmosphere with neighboring countries and last but not least not for its amazing, untouched beauty.  The combination of diverse culture, ages-old unique history, breathtaking landscape and scenery extending over its varied heights and much hidden wildlife makes it an all-in-one destination that whoever is capable should aspire to see.


Here at SORA Tours Ethiopia, in addition to hosting clients to experience all the best that Ethiopia has to offer, our long term goal is to play an important role in changing the current off-putting impressions and images and display out to the outside world the positive impressive images that, with such a combination, barely exists in any other country in our world.    


By the time you are done going through our website,  we believe you will have a better insight into what we have to offer, and how best we can assist you in exploring each and every opportunity at hand.


And last but not least, your suggestions are most welcome and highly valued to better improve our service level. 

                  Osman Ahmed
            Tour Ops Manager

          SORA Tours Ethiopia                           








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