Ethiopia as an all-in-one destination boasts various attractions be it historic, cultural/tribal, scenic or wildlife.
To that magnitude, our tours cover the whole of North Ethiopia, namely the ‘Historic Route’ which includes visits to Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum and Tigray region and last but not least the renowned rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.

Our cultural/tribal tours cover various destinations like the Lower and Upper Omo Valleys of South West Ethiopia, Harar and Dire Dawa areas of East Ethiopia, Gambela region of West Ethiopia, tribal and scenic areas of Afar region in North East Ethiopia and a few others that are less exposed but still that make all the difference in one's travel experience.
Trekking activities in Bale Mountains and Simien Mountains will expose one to the varied altitudes that come with magnificent scenery and wildlife as well - endemic in some cases.

Our tour to the Danakil Depression of North East Ethiopia is the perfect one for those that would like to travel out to the unbeaten tracks where nature gets to its roughest extreme, yet amazing natural beauty of active volcano at Erta Ale to the lowest locations on earth at the Dallol Plains. 

As a specialized catagory, SORA Tours also specializes in setting up and operating photography-oriented tours to various destinations throughout Ethiopia, of main interest to our clients being the diverse tribal areas of the Lower and Upper Omo Valley regions. For further insight into our photography tours, please visit our '
Photograpy Tourspage.    

For further general details, please go through our catagorized destination pages or yet give us the basic hints and we shall do the rest to make your tour an excellent one!

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